What is it like to intern at IITs?

Arya Goswami
2 min readFeb 25, 2021


Hey Everyone! I hope you all are doing great and are safe and healthy.

The placement season has started as various organisations are hiring across various levels.

Top IITs have also invited applications for internships for technical students. Many of you contacted me asking the procedure and review on IIT internship. I asked one of my close friends, Rashi, who has done a six months internship at IIT Delhi for helping me out write a detailed review on internship at IIT.

Let’s start with the Application procedure:

IIT invites applications for internship online. You can find the application link on their websites.

  1. You have to apply for the respective department — fill the application form, give your academic details and other require information.
  2. If you get shortlisted, the professor who wants interns would contact you and ask you regarding your interest and skills.
  3. The professors might even conduct a brief interview to know if your skill set match with their project work.
  4. You might consider doing a brief research on the professor before application procedure. You can find the complete details of IIT professors on either Linkedin or IIT websites. Many professors have their own website with their complete portfolio.

Points to consider before applying

  1. This internship could be the beginning into research field of you have interest in it.

Personal opinion, I strong believe that IIT internships are more of research work and you should consider it in area of your own interest.

2. You need to be passionate and self discipline and also have knowledge of at least one coding language, data structures and algorithms and area-related information.

Example: If a professor is working on image processing related project, you might want to know basics about image processing techniques and its latest developments.

3. The internship is helpful for those people who have interest in the research field or want to explore so that they can choose.

My friend

What will you learn from Internships in IIT?

Most important thing you will learn from IIT is becoming independent. It will teach you to make our own decisions and stop spoon feeding.

Overall Experience

I worked on a project related to ‘Object detection and tracking through computer vision’

It was nice experience working in IIT. You will develop many soft skills like communication, problem solving,etc and in addition to the it you will learn writing skills .
Cons — Sometimes it becomes quite hectic as work load is much more and that too you have do without considerable stipend 😂

Hope this brief review could be of help to everyone! If you have some specific questions, feel free to comment it or DM me on my instagram account.

Good Luck! Stay safe and stay healthy ❤



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