Hello!!! I hope all of you, along with your family are safe and healthy. COVID-19 has created extremely difficult time for all of us.

Before starting my opinion on how you should spend summer vacations for efficient placement preparation, I would like to say that please stay inside, eat healthy…

Hey Everyone! I hope you all are doing great and are safe and healthy.

The placement season has started as various organisations are hiring across various levels.

Top IITs have also invited applications for internships for technical students. Many of you contacted me asking the procedure and review on IIT…

When I started studying DP, I found it extremely frustrating as I wasn’t able to approach the problem myself. Later on, After a lot of practice and forcing myself not to give up, I was able to understand how to approach a DP problem. …

Hey Guys!!!

We have covered the basics of each data structures along with their practice links and personal notes. We will be doing self-evaluation on the topics covered till now.

Round -1

  1. Which of the following involves arranging the records in logical order?

A. Merging

B. Sorting

C. Traversing


Hey Everyone!! I hope all of you are doing well and working actively on preparation for placement.

Last time, we discussed about basic concepts on ‘graphs’, today we’ll be covering important questions and sources for graphs.

To study about theoretical questions of graphs that can be asked during a coding…

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all are doing well. We have covered Strings, Arrays, Linked List, Trees, HashMap, Hashing, Searching and Sorting etc… till now in this series of 30 Days DSA.

In this segment, I will be covering the basic concepts of ‘Graphs’.

A Graph is a data structure…

Hey, Everyone! I hope you all are safe doing well. I have completely covered trees in the previous segment along with the questions as well as personal notes for helping you ace the topic.

As we move closer to the end of the series, I will be covering the last…

Hey Everyone!!!

I hope you are doing well! In the previous segment of this series, I covered some important questions and provided links for practice on ‘Trees’.

Now, we’ll be moving on to the self-evaluation portion so that you can analyse your preparation level and move on accordingly.

1: Which…

Hey Everyone! I hope you are doing well. This is the second segment of our series of placement guide for non-IT branches.

I hope you have gone through the introduction of the series before you continue with this segment. If not, refer the following link:

Today we are back with…

Hi people!!!

Last time we discussed the basic level questions of trees, although they were quite easy but still, they are very important and the concepts will be very useful for other questions.

So, make sure that you go through them before you move on practicing more tough questions.


Arya Goswami

Incoming SDE intern at Amazon || Ex- mentee at Amazon ACMS

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